Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a clubhouse?

We share a sports pavilion, but this is only open on very limited occasions.

We recommend the following local establishments to visit after your round;

Oakleaf Sports Complex - School Aycliffe Ln, Newton Aycliffe DL5 6QZ

Bay Horse Inn - 28 W Green, Heighington Village, Newton Aycliffe DL5 6PE

How do I access the course?

Members can access the golf course two ways;

  • Via the main factory site – this requires a company health and safety induction for which you will receive a swipe card. Entrance is via the left-hand barrier. If car sharing, all members will need to swipe their card. Follow the road straight down and bear left at the end, before entering the car park on the right-hand side. Follow one-way system round to the left, then back up to the top and there should be ample space. Swipe your card at the yellow gates and you are through to the golf course.
  • Via the B6444 (Heighington Lane). Park in the temporary car park by the “Locomotion Target Shooting Club”. Cross the road and the course can be accessed via the public footpath approx. 150 yards to your left.

How do I get inducted?

The golf club will email when there is induction availability. Spots are always limited so please make every effort to attend if you would like to receive access through the main site entrance. Inductions take no more than one hour.

How do I exit the course via the factory site?

Use your swipe card at the yellow gates, head back to the gatehouse and use the left hand barrier.

What are your rules on smoking / vaping?

Smoking / Vaping is strictly prohibited on the factory side of the yellow security gates. Smoking / Vaping on the course is permitted.

Can I bring a visitor?

Presently, members can bring visitors to the course via the Heighington Lane entrance only. Green Fees are £15 and payable via bank transfer.

INEOS Golf Club | Sort Code 403432 | Account No 91021281

For non-member guests, please contact Lee Killip on 07500 044532 to arrange.

Do I need to book a tee time?

Tuesday to Saturday - it is not necessary to book a tee time but please keep up to date with golf club communications regarding closures to accommodate team games during May to August.

Sunday and Monday – these are competition days so please be mindful that “Competition of the Day” always takes priority. The course, particularly on Sunday’s can get relatively busy. We would recommend avoiding Sunday’s up to approx 14:00 for general play during April to October.

Do you perform on course spot checks?

Please don’t be offended if a club representative asks to see your membership or swipe card. This is undertaken to protect you, a paying member, from anyone sneaking onto the course!

How much are weekly competitions?

The majority of club competitions are covered within your membership fee.

What practice facilities do you have?

We have a two-bay driving net, 150-yard-long practice ground, and putting green.

How is the course throughout winter?

We feel the golf course holds up to inclement weather much better than its local neighbours, but as with any outdoor facility, we are always at risk to the elements. During the winter months we tweak the routing of the course to offer extra protection and shorten the course slightly by introducing some winter tees. We do not have winter greens. We encourage golfers to carry clubs if possible and walk around any roped areas. This is to protect the course and enhance your enjoyment.

I’d like to represent the club in team and county events. How do I get involved?

We always like to integrate current and new members into the team golf environment and depending on your ability level (and age), there are opportunities to represent the club in the Teesside Union Men and Seniors teams, along with many different county events throughout the season. Drop the club a message through any of its communication channels!

How do I get my handicap?

You need to submit scorecards that amount to 54 holes. From this, your handicap index will be calculated. You can view your handicap index via the My EG app. Visit (WHS section) for more information.